Sunday, August 1, 2010

Curly Girly

Grace does not like having her hair done.

In fact, I've mentioned before, that I have to bribe her with gum to get it done.

In fact, there may even be a baggie of small gumballs in her hair clip box.

In fact, I only have about 5 minutes to do her hair before she starts getting upset. And tries to run away.

Anyways, she has straight, fine hair with absolutely no curl and it doesn't hold curl well. I've tried all sorts of gels/mousses/sprays, and the curls always fall.

I heard about these Curlformers things from a friend whose daughter also hates to have her hair done and won't hold curl.

I decided to get them, even though they were a little pricey.

But come on! Isn't a night or two of Top Ramen worth some cute curls?

It's an investment, really.

In her hair future.

I have no clue what I'm saying. What does 'hair future' even mean?

Anyways, they were way fun/easy/fast to put in, she didn't complain about sleeping in them, and her hair was CURLY this morning and has stayed curly all day!

Love my curly girly!

I only got one package, and I think her hair would have looked even better if I had a few more curlers. So, I'm thinking of getting another package of them.

(But don't tell Mike... he doesn't care about investing in one's daughter's hair future!)



Grammy Suzzy said...

Her hair looks sooooo cute! And, face it, there are very few wonderful girls like YOU that would sit forever while Mommy French Braided a heart on the back of your head with red yarn braided in! You spoiled me so guessed it...same as Grace!

Amanda said...

For about 4 months I've been begging Nathan to let me get those! They are super pricey and we never seem to have enough extra money to get them. Maybe next paycheck...

Kristi said...

Cute! I wish someone would invest in my hair future!

the W* family said...

Amanda-I was lucky that I only had to get 1 package. And I wasn't kidding-I seriously took $10 out of our food budget for them. ;)