Thursday, August 12, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 19

Exactly 44 minutes from our house the temperature drops 30-40 degrees, the air is clear and smells of pine, and people are friendly to strangers.

WHY don't I live there. Why!?!

The Mount Charleston Wilderness/Spring Mountains area is awesome. I'm talking waterfalls and springs and streams and huge canyons and so-much-to-do-and-see awesome.

We went on a hike/picnic there for our countdown activity today, because Mike had some days off from work.

I was carrying Josh in a carrier and he kept wiggling his cute little fingers and I'd walk him over so he could touch the various trees and pine needles.

Grace had the most fun falling down on her bum down the mountain... she even took Daddy with her one time!

Adam, of course, enjoyed reciting every fact about trees, forests, and forest animals he knew.

I LOVED the 70-degree weather and the smell of pine and laughing with my kiddos as we hiked.

Worst picture of me and Josh ever:

We didn't get to go there to play in the snow like we had wanted to last year, so I'm hoping that we can do some sledding over there this year! And we will definitely have to go back in the spring when the streams are full.

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