Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 21

After dinner we went on a bike ride/walk and got Josh to go to sleep. As we went back to our house, I surprised the kids with our countdown activity for the day: chalk games!

We played hopscotch, snail, "SUMMER" and a game where I drew circles on the ground with various point values, and then the had to throw the beanbags in and add up their points.

It was so much fun and we were laughing so hard that it prompted the other kids from the 'hood to stop fighting and swearing and throwing rocks to place a nice game for a few minutes.

And then they went back to their hoodlum ways.

We played until it was way past bedtime (with a popsicle break in the middle, of course) and they were completely worn out.

Lucky for us, it doesn't rain here (well, not really, I like rain... just looking on the bright side here). So the chalk will stay and we'll get to play tomorrow, too!

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