Sunday, August 1, 2010

8 Months

Josh at 8 months:

He loves bananas, rice, sweet potatoes, and yogurt.

He hates peas.

He has recently mastered the art of throwing everything off of his tray. As soon as I put food on it, he screams and throws it everywhere. According to "Parenting With Love and Logic" I'm supposed to take away his food.

Instead I laugh.

He loves reading! The librarian always comments on how attentive he is during story time... he likes books!

He likes tattling on his siblings.

He loves the songs "I Am a Child of God" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

He has become very difficult to take pictures of... as you can see.

He loves the refrigerator, the bathtub, and my cabinets with the tupperware and extra spoons. Yes, I have a container of extra spoons.

He loves going on walks in the stroller. When he is super-fussy in the afternoons, we walk. Even when it's hot. He loves it!

He loves feeding himself and drinking juice out of the sippy cup.

He is crawling crazy fast and pulling himself up everywhere.

He's still nursing only! And I know no one cares about this but me. But I've got to document it because this is huge for me! It's the longest I've gone, and it hasn't been easy, but it's also been worth it... he has been crazy healthy!

He is so cuddly and sweet and I love him to little pieces!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

I don't blame you for laughing when he clears his plate, so to speak. With that cutest of cute face, how could anyone get angry...Take his food away...bah! And I say hooray for you! From one who struggled to nurse, I know how hard you work... and it has been soooo worth it! We all are so thankful for our Joshy!!!