Sunday, August 8, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 23

Tonight we looked at the stars and constellations for our countdown activity.

Our family moved from Flagstaff (which is an International Dark Sky City) to Las Vegas (which is a city that never, ever turns its lights off).

We used to love looking at the stars in Flagstaff. We did it all of the time together. They look amazing there. Whenever I was pulling an all-nighter (which happened far, far too often), I'd stop and go out and stare at them at 3 or 4 in the morning for a long time.

And then I would come back in to our tiny dorm and write papers while listening to Emeril cook on television.

One time we went on a drive at night to calm Adam down and to look at the stars, and we ended up driving to the Grand Canyon and they let us in for free. Because it was after midnight.

Seeing the Grand Canyon in the moonlight and with all of the stars above was amazing.

Isn't this post full of information you never cared to know about me?

Anyways, being able to actually see the stars is something I've missed since moving here. We drove about 10 miles away from the city to the desert, where the lights of Las Vegas were all blocked by mountains. We watched the dusk sky turn dark, looked at the stars, found some constellations, and listened to Adam's worries that ninjas were hiding in the rocks, ready to attack.

Look! A ninja!

Because the desert outside of Vegas is where ninjas live. Obviously.

We had hoped to see some meteors, because the Perseids meteor shower is currently occurring. We didn't. From what I understand, though, it peaks on August 12, so we may have to venture out again to ninja territory in a few days and try to spot some.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

I am so glad you told us about the Perseids...I had been seeing random shooting stars and I wondered if it was that time of year again! And, golly, here, when I am out running, I NEVER thought to worry about Ninja attackers! I better watch out...and maybe take some protection... Hey, Adam, what does one use to fight off a Ninja???