Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change of Plans...

The only reason that my OB wanted to do the amnio this week (and c-section tomorrow) was because my amniotic fluid levels have been crazy. A level of 5-25 is normal, and mine were at 32. My levels were also really high with Adam and Grace (I think it's just my funky body), but she was worried about me going into labor.

So, that was the plan. And then last week, my levels went down to 22. So, she cancelled the amnio.

My new official, final c-section date is December 1st. Unfortunately, it's not until 5:30pm. Which is lame, because I'm not allowed to eat or drink from midnight the night before. I can handle the eating, but going that long without drinking seems like torture right now. :)

I'm SO glad that my levels went down and that it's not happening until next week. Even though the itching is miserable, I'm so glad that the kids get to have a Thanksgiving (of sorts) and we get some extra time to prepare.

And besides, I'm not through getting my Adam-and-Grace-only time in.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Sunday Cuteness

We went to D.I. yesterday to look for some new church pants for Adam, and ended up finding this:

He is SO proud to have his very own suit!

He kept saying, "I look just like a missionary," and checking himself out in the mirror. So cute.


Grace made this too-cute turkey hat in nursery:

I think it would be cute as an activity for the kids to make on Thanksgiving, too.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


... during a meeting that Mike had with his associates, one of them asked if he had any brothers, because she wanted to marry a guy "just like him." And then two other women blurted out that they had thought the same thing before. Including his associate who is over 60 years old. Because he is "SO patient and nice."

Apart from being slightly disturbed by this, my only thought while Mike was telling me this was, "Really? I want 'work Mike' to be the same person as 'father/husband Mike'."

He's nice and all. I just really don't think he's all that patient.

Maybe he uses all of his patience up at work?


... Adam came home from school, all ready for a 10-day break. He has a project due (on scorpions) the day he gets back, so we will be working on that. He brought home this cute turkey that he had made by tracing his foot and hands:

He also brought home a spelling list. It includes these words:


Apparently in the next 10 days I have to teach him about possessives and plurals.

And explain what 'diphtheria' is, because he keeps asking.


... Grace talked to three telemarketers. This girl is OBSESSED with the phone, and thinks every call we get, she should get to talk. I have to fight her off of me the whole time I'm on the phone, while she sobs, "My turn to talk."

We've compromised. I get to talk to doctors and Relief Society presidents. She handles the telemarketers.

It makes her happy.


... I contemplated my long "to-do" list, which includes such items as:

Clean out under the refrigerator
Dust laundry room shelves
Clean out vacuum

Super useful things that I'm sure everyone who visits will be sure to check out. Not.

Nesting is strange.

I contemplated it for awhile. And then decided to paint my toenails instead. Bright pink.

It was the right thing to do.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Think We're Good

I found this in my kitchen this morning:

I think that if you have enough butter for your kids to build a tower out of it, you can probably stop stocking up on the baking sales.

We're good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Adam To Mom

Click for details

Adam made me this picture the other day.

It says:

I love Mom
She is fun!
She is my freind
I play with her!
She is having a baby!!

SO super sweet, right?

It's so sweet that it pretty much makes up for the ginormous belly he drew on the picture of me below the writing. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost the Will

I lost the will to fight my doctor this week.

I was all prepared to go into my doctor for a fight, with research on why babies do better when they stay in longer and a list of things I was going to do to prevent going into labor. And then two days ago, I broke out in a horrible, itchy hive-like rash all over my belly.

It's a condition called PUPPP, and while it's not harmful to me (or the baby), I'm miserable. And the only fix is to have the baby.

So, when I went in to the doctor today, I told her she could take him now. Right then. Anything to stop the itching.

(Apparently, I'm not the sacrificial-type of mom).

I'm (obviously) not having the c-section today. However, the amnio is scheduled for the 23rd, and if all goes well, he will be born on the 25th.

Crossing my fingers his lungs are done.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Name

I have a name for the baby that I really, really love.

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew it was a boy. I just did. And I thought about all of the names that I've always liked for boys, and none of them seemed to fit. One name popped into my mind, though, and it seemed to just work for this little guy.

A month and a half later or so, while I was crying late at night and freaking out about how this whole thing was going to work out, I read one of my most favorite scriptures - Joshua 1:9. That scripture has helped me to get through the ups and downs of the past months.

And the book that scripture is in, is the same name that had popped into my mind at the beginning.

No other name seems to fit. I don't like any other names nearly as much.

Unfortunately, everyone else in the world (slight exaggeration), seems to really, really love that name, too. I don't have anything against super-popular names, but I don't really want him to be in a class with 5 other Joshua's in school, either.

Though Mike (Michael) is a pretty popular name, and he seems to have done alright.

So... he feels like a Joshua. I love the name Joshua. Grace has already re-named all of her babies Joshua.

Mike's boss really likes the name Joshua.

That shouldn't be a deciding factor, but, anything to get on his good side... :)

I just keep going against it because of the popularity thing.

But, I'm pretty sure that he needs to be a Joshua. So... eventually I'll accept that he will be known as Josh W. throughout elementary school.

And hope that it doesn't traumatize him too much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Third

Adam has had a loose tooth for about a month (his third!).

He has been wiggling it for weeks. He even asked me to pull it out for him, but since there wasn't a tooth growing up behind it (like the last two teeth he has lost), I felt kind of bad playing dentist and getting out the pliers.

Last Friday, he woke up and used the restroom, STILL wiggling that tooth like crazy. As he went to wash his hands, he realized that the tooth was gone and he began screaming (because he's over-dramatic like that in the morning when he's tired). I went running because I thought he was hurt. Grace started crying because he was screaming.

And Mike opened his eyes and then went back to sleep.

I got in there and he told me that his tooth had fallen out. Unfortunately, it fell out into the toilet.

He was devastated.

That afternoon he wrote the tooth fairy a note, and placed it under his pillow that night. The next day, he woke up crying again.

"The tooth fairy didn't come!"

She had come; she had taken his note and left him some mool-ah. She just hadn't left any fairy dust, like she has in the past.

I told him it probably was because he called it "fairy poop."

It's just plain insulting to fairies.

Or, maybe she just couldn't find her fairy dust late at night before she left to make her deliveries.
It happens.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lost Ferrari

Yesterday, I woke up to the house covered in these signs:

It says:

"Lost Ferrari. If found bring to Adam's room."

I told him that I've been waiting for years for someone to bring a Ferrari to me, too. But, it hasn't happened yet.

Sometimes he doesn't find me funny.

(He ended up finding his Hot Wheels Ferrari in his bed last night. The same place I suggested he look all day. And the same place he refused to look in, because it couldn't possibly be there.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

On My Mind...

For various reasons, the OBs office re-scheduled my c-section for November 25th.
I want this baby to bake as long as possible, so I'm fighting for December 8th.
We'll see who wins Friday.


Daylight Saving Time makes me confused.
It makes me miss Arizona.
It makes the day seem insanely long.
Getting dark at 4:30 = no fun.


I crave Peanut M&Ms all of the time.
I like to pretend that the peanut provides enough protein and nutrition to make up for the
sugar, dyes, and fat in said M&M.
Even though I know, deep down, that this isn't true.


Grace is in love with a little boy in her nursery named Jackson.
She really wants "Jackson" to be the middle name of the new baby.
I don't want people thinking I named him after Michael Jackson.
And it really doesn't go with what we think is going to be the first name.
But she's so cute (and so determined).
We'll see.


I don't like Dr. Pepper.
But I recently discovered Dr. Pepper's Lipsmackers. And it totally rocks.
It (plus a little mascara) makes me feel like I tried.
I like it.


Adam got another 100% on his spelling test last week.
Well, he spell the words correctly, anyways.
He writes his lower-case "p's" slightly above the line, so they look capitalized.
So, his teacher marked 4 of them incorrect because of the capital "p".
He was disappointed.
I want to go have a discussion with his teacher
(she expects him to write like an 8-year-old and forgets he's 6).
It's a spelling test, not a grammar test, right?
However, I don't know that I can have a rational discussion in the
hormonal state I'm in right now.
(Plus, Mike thinks I'm over-reacting.)


Mike is in the middle of 6 days off of work; the first "vacation" he's taken this year.
We are SO excited!
When he asked for the days off, we had originally planned on going to Phoenix during the time.
(Adam has "fall break", too).
But, a baby happened.
So, we won't.
But, we will be doing some fun stuff here.

I complain a lot about medical stuff.
Or medical bills, anyways.
However, with my twice-weekly NSTs and weekly OB appointments,
I know that if something starts to go wrong, it will be caught.
And I'm so grateful for that.
It's a blessing to have such wonderful doctors, medicine, and science.
Our ward boundaries were recently re-organized.
We got SO many new people (and didn't lose any).
I've loved making new friends. Everyone is so wonderful.
We are so blessed to be in the ward we are in... I love it.

I may have traumatized Grace for life this week.
She had to come to an OB appointment that I wish she wouldn't have.
I forgot about what happens this late in pregnancy.
She (very loudly) yelled at the nurse during the examination for it.
(I am glad that something about 'private areas' has sunk in with her).
I'm just seriously glad that it was an appointment during which Adam was at school.
That would have definitely been traumatizing.
For both of us.

I'm not good at folding laundry.
However, I'm excellent at washing/drying it, and then letting it sit in baskets.
Extremely excellent.
A new baby with lots of dirty clothes can't be good.

I love my Thanksgiving decorations.
They are my favorite.
I did end up decorating.
Even though I'm thinking of skipping out on Thanksgiving this year.
Making Thanksgiving dinner on your own = exhausting.

Am I actually going to fight to stay pregnant?
What's wrong with me?


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today, Adam went on a field trip to the Chinese Cultural Center in China Town.

(Before this field trip, I had no idea there was a Chinese Cultural Center here. Or a China Town).

After the field trip, he filled out a form letter that told his family what he learned. His said:

"I saw many amazing things, like dragons, swords, and Ronald McDonald."

I'm so glad that he got to learn about another culture today. ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Halloween Fun

Spider Cookies


Monster Houses

Caramel Apples

Decorated Trick-or-Treat Bags


Mummy Dogs

I missed taking pictures of a few of our 13 days of Halloween.

But we had FUN doing it!
Can't wait 'til next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

Grace was a "mean witch".
A "mean witch" is a witch who takes people's dogs.
And ruby shoes.

Adam was a Star Wars guy (Captain Rex, I think? He's not awake to ask).
Adam wanted to be a $40.00 Star Wars guy. I wanted him to pay for the $40.00 costume.
He chose this out of our dress-up box instead.

On Halloween we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat. It didn't last very long... there weren't very many participants. So, Adam really wanted to do some more trick-or-treating in a neighborhood.

Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of driving around, we couldn't find any safe streets to trick-or-treat on.

That's the problem with the 'hood.


Adam asked if we could get some pumpkin faced doughnuts at Krispy Kreme instead.

So we did.

Hope you all had a fabulously spooky Halloween!

We sure did!