Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 27

We made homemade bubble blowers and "snake bubbles" today for our countdown activity.

This is too cool!

Not to mention thrifty: old socks, rubberbands, empty water bottles, and some dishsoap are all that you need to make some, according to Adam, "wicked bubbles" .

We had so much fun doing this!

When we lived in Flagstaff we would go outside and blow bubbles in the cold winter. The bubbles would freeze and stay full. If it was really cold, they would freeze and then shatter.

How fun would "snake bubbles" be frozen???

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Kathy said...

I did this with Raef and Caleb. It is fun...except when you breathe in the dish soap. Caleb wasn't so much a fan of that.