Friday, August 27, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 4

Today, we had our First Annual Wilkins Family Summer Olympics!

It. Was. SO. Fun!

I let everyone know at the beginning of the month that they were each responsible for 2 activities for the games.

After Mike got home, we cheered and the Games began!

We played:

- a soccer dribbling around the cones competition
- a water balloon toss
- a frisbee throw
- a marble shooting competition
- paper airplane making/throwing competition
- bowling with water storage
- the SUMMER chalk game
- ice cream sundae eating competition

The person who won each game got one point, and at the end we tallied up the scores.

Mike won!

He got this trophy at D.I., and I wanted to tacky it up with spray paint and rhinestones. Something fun and cheesy to pass on through the summers. I didn't have time, so I'll have to steal it from Mike soon and get to that.

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