Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grace's 5-Year Interview

I WANT: a real-live pony!
I HAVE: Littlest Pet Shop toys.
I WISH: that my Littlest Pet Shop toys can be friends.
I HATE: Hawaiian haystacks.
I MISS: Grammy and Papa, and Grandma and Grandpa.
I HEAR: the Holy Ghost.
I WONDER: when we will go to Phoenix again!
I REGRET: not cleaning my room when Daddy asked.
I AM NOT: a boy!
I DANCE: in ballet class (but I'm not in ballet anymore). And when Kids Radio comes on!
I SING: my life is a gift... {"I Will Follow God's Plan for Me}
I CRY: when I get sent to "Bedroom Time."
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: snowmen with peanut butter play-dough.
I WRITE: my name. G-R-A-C-E.
I CONFUSE: when I need to come in and go to bed.
I NEED: chocolate cake!
I SHOULD: say sorry.

How old are you? 5
Nicknames: Gracie
Are you taller than your mother? No!
Do you cry often during movies? No
What is your biggest pet peeve? Flies trying to get me and the answering machine beeping.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite foods: Frosting, chocolate, strawberries, watermelon and cheeseburgers with extra pickles!
Favorite beverage: Cherry limeade
Favorite cold cereal: Rice Krispies with honey
Favorite smells: Flowers, cookies
Favorite time of day: Afternoon
What is your favorite game? Uno
How many pillows do you sleep with? 1
Do you play an instrument? No!
What was the last movie you saw? Dora's Halloween
What is your favorite article of clothing? The dresses you {Mommy} makes!
What is your dream vacation? Phoenix, Arizona
What do you love most about Dad? That he takes me on dates!
What do you love most about Mom? That she kisses me!
What is your favorite "me- time" activity? Playing with babies and Littlest Pet Shop.
What is one of your weaknesses? Bowling
What is the emotion you feel the most? Happy!
What are some of your talents? Making Joshy happy, gymnastics, singing
What is a word or phrase you overuse? Hot meatballs!
What was the hardest thing that happened to you this past year? My "owie" day.
What is the best thing that happened to you this year? Being in a ballet recital.
The best thing learned this past year? How to be special!
What was your favorite thing about being four years old? Going to school!
What are you most excited about being five years old? Going to school!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Grace!!!

Our sweet little firecracker turned 5 this year!

Grace's birthday celebrating started on Sunday with her annual birthday dress. She picked out the fabric and the pattern this year. It was a huge pain to make, but I think she looks adorable in it!

She woke up today to her favorite breakfast: waffles by Dad and a room full of pink balloons!

After Josh and I dropped her off at school in the afternoon, we raced home to decorate the cupcakes we had made the day before. We brought them down to her classroom right before school ended. Grace has been looking forward to bringing "cupcakes on the second day of school" for over a year. Seriously. And she's told practically every one in Las Vegas that she was (random people in the grocery store, Mike's co-workers, etc.). She was soooo happy to finally get to do it!

We had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner. She doesn't really have a favorite meal, so she generally chooses one that she liked the week before. It happened to be spaghetti this year.

By the way, we don't put ketchup on our spaghetti. Josh set the table today. With all of the condiments from the fridge.

Tuesdays are crazy, busy days at our house. We have school, wrestling/gymnastics, cub scouts, and then we have to pick up Mike from work at 8:30pm. Makes for a long day! So. Grace waited a long time to get to do her birthday celebrating! She was so happy when she (finally!) got to open presents! She got Littlest Pet Shop toys, books, and money.

We sent her on a treasure hunt to find the gift from us (it was too awkward to wrap). She got a pink scooter! She has wanted a scooter for forever, so she could keep up with Adam. She got to ride it the next day, and loved it!

She requested a Tangled birthday cake. I thought it would be fun to make a Barbie cake with the Rapunzel Barbie. After watching a lot of youtube videos, talking to my cake expert friend, and a lot of frosting, cake, and rice krispies treats, this is what I came up with:

Happy Birthday to our sweet Grace! She is so loving and kind to Josh, stands her ground with Adam, is helpful and smart and funny! We are soooo grateful to have her in our family!

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School!

Adam and Grace were sooooo excited for school to start this year!

Especially Miss Grace, who kept saying, "I wish summer was only 1 day long so I can go to kindergarten!"

Way to hurt a Mama, right?


They are going to a new school this year. The school they were previously at was changed over to an iSchool, and I really felt strongly that it wasn't where they should be. So, Mike and I prayed and fasted, because they can NOT go to the school they are zoned for, and where they go to school is a huge decision. We looked into several charter schools and into homeschooling, but finally found a charter school that just felt right for them. I have no doubt it's where they should be. I have loved everything about it so far! It just opened this year, and it is such a blessing that they were able to get in!

The new school has uniforms. Adam was a little disappointed, but okay with it. Grace was SO excited about the uniforms.

Because they are blue (her favorite color).

And because she won't "have to wear pink hairbows."

(Just check out Miss Anti-Pink's backpack. Sheesh.)

They both woke up way early this morning, way before I would have woke them up. Which is a first! They were just both sooo excited.

I made a special lunch for Adam (Phineas and Ferb macaroni and cheese, because of our 79 Days of Summer), and we left for school.

We dropped Adam off, and then came home, where Grace waited...

... completely un-patiently until the afternoon (she's in PM kindergarten).

This backpack? We got it last year on clearance for $3. She has asked the last 364 days for it. Every day. It's the only good thing about school finally starting. :)

It's pink. And she loves it. Go figure.

Mike had taken the day off, which was a good thing. Because I was a total wreck! She kissed me, ran in, and made a new friend.

She was totally happy.

And I was totally crying.

I wasn't the only sad one, though.

Josh and Grace are super close. Best friends. I love it. Half the time when he's hurt, he asks for "Ace," and pushes past me to run to her. It's sooo cute. I really hope that they are always close.

He was missing his bud when she left today, though. He just kept looking out the window for her and calling for her.

It made me cry some more.

After (a very long) 3 hours, we picked them up. They were both so ridiculously happy and excited! They have incredible teachers, and made some new friends.

We celebrated by going for a long swim after school.

Perfect ending for a perfect first day!

I can not believe I have a 3rd grader and that Grace is in kindergarten. It feels like she was just 2, and we were bringing Adam for his first day of kindergarten. Crazy!

As sad as I am about them growing up so fast, I am so excited for them for this new school year and new school! We are sooo blessed!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Rest of Summer...

First, you must go here.

And watch the video.

Just so that the tune is stuck in your head.

(Because, good gravy, is it ever stuck in mine).


There are 79 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it.
So the annual problem for our generation,
Is finding a good way to spend it.

Like maybe:

Sewing scripture bags

Dressing up for the End-of-Summer Party at the library

(Grace is D.W. from Arthur and Adam is Dan from The 39 Clues)

Collecting cicada shells

Attending the "Craft Buffet" at the library

Spitting cantaloupe seeds

Writing our own book

Having a summer scavenger hunt

(One of the tasks was to make/use cup phones)

Visiting the museum

(we went to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum with friends)

Playing SPUD

Blowing snake bubbles

Participating in the 2nd Annual W* Family Summer Olympics

Mike won. Again. But, it was pretty close!

Having a sponge fight

Getting family pictures taken

(I don't have a scanner. But, believe me. They aren't blurry.)

Going on a hike on Mt. Charleston

Looking at the meteor shower

Visiting Lake Mead

Going camping

Making a time capsule

Sewing pillowcases for charity

(We sewed for ConKerr Cancer. More info here)

Eating snow cones

Making melted-crayon rocks

Tie-dying shirts

Buying new school shoes

Having our back-to-school FHE

(We talked about how not to judge a new friend from the way they look and ate Pillow Cookies. Which are chocolate chip on the outside and brownie on the inside.)

Going to an ice cream party

Having a water fight

Playing frisbee golf

Going bowling

Buying school supplies

Going to the dollar theatre (Kung Fu Panda 2)

Attending the Pioneer Day carnival

Celebrating Christmas in July

(we watched Christmas movies while drinking hot cocoa, read Christmas books, had a White Elephant candy bar exchange, listened to Christmas music)

Attending the music concert at the library

Seeing the lions (at MGM Grand)

Attending the "Make Your Own Fun" program at the library

Having a back-to-school dinner

(We had a special dinner, read The Kissing Hand, Mike gave them back-t0-school Father's blessings, and then we had kissing hand cookies for dessert)

(We also sewed a library book bag, bought school clothes, went on a family bike ride/walk, and video-taped our family)


I won't lie.

There were plenty of times that I nearly went crazy this summer.

Adam and Grace learned how to play "the copying game", "jinx!", and "opposite day".

They fought approximately 1,453,860 times.

It was ridiculously hot, so they were stuck inside in the afternoons. When Josh had to take a nap.

When we would pick Mike up from work at the end of the day, I think I told him, "I quit" at least once a week.


When I look back at all of the pictures, I don't remember those things.

I remember when I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe when we had a sponge fight. Grace's triumphant yell when she won the running race in our Summer Olympics. Josh's giggle while he fed the ducks. Adam's face after he was baptized.

I loved this summer.

I loved having a fun activity to do every day. I loved having a plan. I loved that we grew closer as a family. I loved that we had some structure, learned some new things, and made some memories.

I loved the moments when all three of them would gather around me, while we read a book or talked.

It was heaven.

Even if it only lasted a few minutes until one person got pushed the other.

I can honestly say I have no regrets about this summer; I think we really did do it all.

And, it's the first time that I'm sad summer is over. I love fall and cooler weather, but I'm just not ready to let go of the summer yet.

But, since school starts bright and early tomorrow, I think I'm going to have to take down our poster and get ready for fall fun!

(Until next June, anyways).