Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Countdown to School: First Day!!!

Adam's first day of school was today!

We were ten minutes late.

Which pust a HUGE damper in my plan to be on time every day this year.

There's always tomorrow...


When we arrived, we found out he has the same teacher as last year and we were SO happy! Because first and second grade classes are combined for homeroom, the kids generally move up with the same teacher. Adam was hoping he wasn't one of the few that get moved and that he stayed with Ms. T.!

Unfortunately she was sick, so they had a substitute today. Which pretty much meant that he played a lot of review games from what they learned in science/social studies last year... fine by him!

He got to see his friends again and had a lot of fun today! They will start testing for the reading and math classes tomorrow so that those classes get squared away by next week.

The house was so quiet without him today (and without the fighting between him and Grace ;) ). And just like last year, it was the longest day ever. I kept looking at the clock, thinking it was time to pick him up and it had only moved a little! I miss my Adam!

After school we went home, I fed Josh, then we made dinner and went to Mike's work so we could eat a picnic dinner with him and so Adam could tell Daddy all about the first day (he had to work late tonight).

After about 5 minutes dinner was forgotten and they had fun with the whiteboard. Most picnic dinners was Mike usually end like this. ;)

I'm SO happy Adam had a GREAT first day of 2nd grade!!!

Side Note: I have LOVED doing the "countdown to school" this past month, and it's been really, really good for our family. We spend time together everyday, of course, but doing one scheduled and planned activity together has made a huge difference. We've watched less television, talked more, and laughed more. Had more important conversations, grown closer, and had less fighting.

I've decided to continue it (though I won't bore you and post what we do everyday). I printed out a calendar for September, wrote all of the scheduled activities/meetings/Mike's schedule, and then wrote a family activity to do together daily that fit in with that day. I think it will be really, really good for us, especially with the crazy homework/school activities coming.

I love my family, and I think it's been a super easy way (and a fun way) for us to grow closer together!

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