Monday, August 16, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 15

We were supposed to go to the lake today and feed the fish popcorn.

Which (apparently) is the thing to do at the lake.

However, everyone else wanted to go and hike Mt. Charleston again.

So we did.

Grace's pet rocks. She wanted me to carry them. I suggested that if she wanted to keep them, she should carry them. They were released back into the wild a few minutes later.

We hiked 4 miles, baby!

So we could go to this waterfall/stream:

It's called Little Falls.

The name fits.

We were told by our fellow hikers that in the winter and spring when all of the snow melts, it is HUGE and breathtaking.

It's late summer, though, so we got a trickle. The kids LOVED it, though, and were super-excited by the ice-cold water and falling water.

I'm so glad that they are easily impressed.

We found several more trails that we want to hike (probably in the fall when things get cooler and the leaves change-yay!).

1 comment:

Grammy Suzzy said...


I LOVE it that you like rocks. Tell your mom that “Rocks are our friends” I will get you a backpack for you to carry your precious pets home. Don’t let your mom tell you that they are made of "leverite" instead of granite, calcite or other wonderful minerals. I am willing to bet that the rocks that you selected were full of gold or some kind of precious jewel.

Love you, I can’t wait to go rock gathering with you.


"Leverite" = leave 'er right there