Thursday, August 5, 2010

Countdown to School: Day 26

We went on a "summer scavenger hunt" for our countdown activity tonight.

This was SO fun! We divided into two teams and followed the lists that I had thrown together from suggestions I found around the internet and ideas I had:

- find a cicada shell
- find a flower
- find a live bug (take a picture)
- find an unusually shaped rock
- draw a picture in the street using chalk that is at least 4 feet wide (take a picture)
- blow bubbles in a silly spot (take a picture)
- jump in a puddle (take a picture)
- find a stick that is at least 1 foot long
- look for a shape in the clouds (take a picture)
- smile at least one person

I tried to think of things that say "summer" to me in Las Vegas and wouldn't be too hard for kids to find.

It was so fun, and it made me think of all of the possibilities that scavenger hunts hold. Holidays, driving around to different places, in a grocery store, etc. It could be a lot of fun. I think a fall themed scavenger hunt would be really fun! Adam is already making a list of things for us to find next time (he says that the reason that Grace/Josh/I won was because I made the list).

Probably true. But what sore losers, right?

We ended the night with some cones back at our place.

THAT was Josh's favorite part. ;)


Grammy Suzzy said...

What a GREAT scavenger hunt! I was wondering HOW you were going to do it without placing things there ahead of time!!! And I'm so glad the kids felt well enough to do it and have a great time! And that sweet Josh...he KNOWS what's good!!! (I see that death grip on that cone!)

Kathy said...

Fun...I want to play with you!