Wednesday, June 8, 2011

79 Days of Summer

Adam's last day of school is on Friday.


As much as I love having all three of my babies home, it's hard here in the summer. About a month ago, when I was feeling pretty darned bummed at the prospect of spending another stinkin' hot summer with all of us crowded in our small-2-bedroom-no-backyard-apartment, I decided that I needed to stop.

Stop being negative, stop being ungrateful.

And focus on the fun parts of summer, before the school system snatches 2 of my babies up.


(As sad as I am about Grace and Adam going to school, I am pretty excited excited to get some one-on-one time with Josh everyday.)

Anyways, we have done our Countdown to School the past two summers.

We've loved doing that. A lot.

So, I decided to extend it for the entire summer.

79 days, to be exact. I asked our family what they wanted to do, looked at the library summer programs at the library, looked at the summer programs/deals around town, and typed it all out.

I had it printed at Sam's Club as a 16x20, and am planning on pinning it to the wall, like a poster. We're going to decide every Sunday at our weekly planning meeting what we want to do that week for our activities, and mark it off as we have our fun.

I am giving it to the kids Friday at our End of School/Beginning of Summer party. I can't wait!

I am so excited for summer now!


Danielle said...

I just have to tell you Allison I love you blog, your ideas, just you. You are too cute. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with my littles this summer. Thanks for the great ideas;) we do Christmas in July too. It is always so much fun! Thanks for all the inspiration;) you rock.

Grammy Suzzy said...

This is so awesome! And it will be so fun for us far away to think about the wonderful things you are going to do!!! As for here, I asked Kayty and Nate to each pick THREE things to do this Summer...(crickets...crickets...crickets...) Yep, nothin! So, I guess the Rice kids here will get their wishes. So glad the Wilkins are FAR more creative and adventurous and, well Fun!!!

Kathy said...

All the activities sound like so much fun! At least I will be able to be at one because of your kindness in coming to Phoenix for Adam's baptism. Can't wait to see everyone!