Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Visit!

My parents (and brother, Nathan) missed us so much that they couldn't stand it.

(Or something like that...)

So, they came up for a visit.



Grace loves pretending to be an archaeologist or paleontologist (depending on the day), and dig outside for treasures.

My dad made her this awesome archaeology kit. She dumps her dirt in it, shakes the dirt through the sieve, and looks through the "fossils" that are left behind.

I may have already used it, too.

I have always thought that being an archaeologist would be awesome. I have loved archaeology since learning about the ancient Egyptians in 6th grade. I even took some archaeology classes in college, and loved them.

I think I will live my archaeology dream vicariously through Grace.

Because doing that isn't damaging to a child or anything.


They brought up some birthday presents from Phoenix for Adam: an Air Hogs helicopter (that he has wanted forever), art supplies, Pokemon cards, and money. I think he loved dragging his birthday for a few days!

There was also a lot of playing that happened:

Some ant squishing:

And some sleeping, too:

We love, love, love visits from family! Thanks so much for coming up, Mom, Dad & Nathan!

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