Monday, June 13, 2011

A Little Craftin'

I don't have a lot of free time (what mom with a toddler does, right?), but when I happen to have everything caught up and get a few moments, I love looking in my "favorites" file, and doing simple crafts.

I attempted to make a "spring wreath" with some things I already had, and using Ucreate's "Create With Me" examples. It's definitely not as great as the others on the blog, but I like how it turned out. Just some hot glue and teal-colored flowers.

I made some of these fun twine balls that I saw on the V and Co blog, with some twine I had, and leftover balls from a science project. I wish I had some teal or cranberry-red spray paint (I'm loving those colors right now!), but they look pretty fun natural. I put them in a vase that I already had from D.I.

I printed out the Subway art from eighteen25. In the other vase, I rolled some cranberry twine from a Christmas decoration, and squished it inside.

I'm soooo left-brained and not terribly creative. So, I'm glad that there are other really creative people out there for me to copy to make our home look nice. :)

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