Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love the changes that have taken place in Adam since he has been baptized, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I just had to share a few, so I don't forget.


Josh is a toddler who loves to get into Adam's stuff. Adam had organized all of his Pokemon cards, only to find that Josh has somehow gotten into his secret stash, and completely messed them up.

Last night, I overheard Adam yelling at him:

"I really, really want to hit you for messing with my Pokemon cards. But I'm baptized now! So, I won't!"

I, mean, at first I was mad. Because, you don't hit babies.

However, he recognized that he was doing something wrong, and stopped.

That made my heart melt a little.


In our house, our kids aren't allowed any "media" (computer, video games, or tv) until morning chores are done and they have earned some "time" to do it. Anyways, Adam woke up really early this morning (while I was still sleeping), and thought he would sneak in some MarioKart time.

Later, he told me:

"Mom, this morning I closed your door so you wouldn't wake up, and I was going to sneak out and play MarioKart. But then, the Holy Ghost told me not to. So, I didn't. Then I felt really warm inside."

And that made my heart melt a little more.


Kathy said...

Love that boy!

Tiffin said...

I loved reading this! He is an amazing young man!

Grammy Suzzy said...

Adam, I am so very thankful that you have learned what a blessing it is for us to have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion. We were at a missionary appointment last night, helping the missionaries teach a man and woman about the Holy Ghost. I felt such a warm feeling as Papa taught about the priesthood and the blessings that come to a family through the priesthood. I could feel the Holy Ghost, and, for a moment, everyone was quiet, and I hope they were touched by that. You keep on listening and the Holy Ghost will continue to guide you.