Sunday, June 26, 2011

At Least It's Not a Newt...

My brother, Ethan, and his wife, Cameo, gave the kids a gift while we were down in Phoenix:

Three hermit crabs.

Adam named his 'Charizard' (his has flames).

Josh allowed Grace to name his crab 'Henry' (his has the Spiderman shell).

Grace named her crab 'Fried' (the ladybug).

Fried seems a little skittish. Not sure why. What crab wouldn't like to be named something like Fried? Or Boiled? Or Stir-Fried?


At first they creeped me out, not going to lie.

But, they have grown on me.

For one, the kids are completely mesmerized by them, and will spent hours playing with them.

Second, they are easy to take care of. Like, super-easy.

And for another, they like to climb on top of their little palm tree and sit there.

For some reason, seeing them do this completely cracks me up.


However, someday when my brother and his wife have children, I will be getting them a newt.

Because that's just how paybacks work.


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Grammy Suzzy said... that "realistic" plastic palm tree is not just for the benefit of human "crab tank decorators". So glad they are growing on you...they are really cute (as long as they don't escape!)