Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good and the Bad of Today

(I'm pretty embarrassed to even post about today, because, well, I just made mistake after mistake today. Seriously. But, it's our life. And someday it will make me laugh).


: Adam's tooth was extracted and a spacer was put in successfully this morning.

: He is in pain and not at all tired like the dentist said he would be.

In fact, he has crazy energy and I want him to rest.


Good: I made a pinata today for Adam's birthday.

: After adding two layers of paper mache newspaper to it, the punching ball inside popped.

And then I watched as it slowly sank into a big, soggy, gooey, newspaper mess.

It was kind of like watching the Titanic sink.

Except, not really.


Good: Our apartment didn't burn down today from a huge grease fire in the oven. I'm talking flames almost reaching up to the cupboards above the oven huge. Craziness. (I was trying to broil bacon for dinner because only the broiler in our oven works, checked it, left to go change a diaper, and came back to crazy flames coming out of the oven door/top of the oven).

Bad: Everything is covered in fire extinguisher-chemical-stuff.


That fire extinguisher-chemical-stuff gets places. Seriously.

I've now emptied all of my cupboards and am washing a gazillion dishes.


Good: Mike brought the fire extinguisher home two weeks ago, when it was donated to D.I. (they can't sell it).

Bad: I complained to him about it, because he is always bringing "can't sells" home, and we don't have space! (That's silly, I know). I told him to take it back. He insisted we keep it. Now he gets to smile and say, "I told ya so."

I'm so thankful he was inspired to do that and that he protects our family.


Bad: When I was outside with the kids this afternoon (avoiding the crazy smoke/fire extinguisher-chemical-stuff in our apartment), I called Mike on the cell phone to fill him in on my firefighting skills. I left the phone in the grass. And realized it at 11:00 tonight.

Bad: The sprinklers had already been on, and the phone was soaked.

Good: We dried it up, and Mike cracked me up by putting it in rice in a decorative vase, just to make me smile.


: Mike has now been at D.I. for 4 years (crazy!). So, today he was awarded an extra week of vacation a year.

Bad: Ummm... nothing bad about an extra week of vacation.



Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, my...I am so sorry, but so thankful that a) Adam is feeling so well, b) your pinata will still be great, as long as it's filled with goodies...come on...they're boys! and, it was so good you tried to make on. I remember that I had to make a pinata for a project for someone, don't remember which someone, that had been forgotten and we were putting the thing, balloon and all, in the oven to try and dry it and the balloon didn't make it the whole time...but I do remember it all working out c) that the fire was able to be put out by the infiltrating fire extinguisher stuff...hey, it's worth ALL the "I told you so"s in the WORLD to have you all well and healthy and your stuff all right...Thank you Mike for, again, taking such good care of our precious family. - and when Dad reads this, I'm gonna have to make sure I don't get on his case for getting to much stuff "just in case" at yard sales...Allison, we BOTH may have to eat some delicious, but chewy CROW, 4) the cell phone drying rice thing: what a great guy for thinking aesthetically...Nate: zip loc bag on bedroom floor! 5) and for another week of vacation! You need to create some more wonderful memories for those sweet children. May I suggest a quest to a Big Tree? You all found that "so much fun"! ;) Love you!!!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness I am glad you guys are ok. How scary. You have definitely had quite a week so far. Well maybe this will cheer you up. We got the invitation to adams party and all I can say is HOW STINKIN CUTE! I love them and Keagan is so excited! He will so be there. Also thanks for the tip on teasing the hair. I think that is absolutely one I will be doing. I totally wouldn't have thought of that. You always give me such great ideas. I swear you are like my own personal blogging cheerleader. You always make me want to think of cute new ideas to share:> What a good friend you are. Let me know if you need any help. If you want to escape or anything on Saturday you could come out here and we could do the water park or something. Let me know:>

Kristi said...

That is one crazy day! Glad you guys are alright. That fire sounded scary!

More News at the Funny Farm said...

It sounds like a day in my house sometimes. The day I remember most was when either I had 3 little ones or was pregnant with the third. Brett kept begging for waffles on a Sunday for Breakfast, mind you I cook but not bake and waffles is like baking. So I thought how hard with a recipe could it be? I looked at the amount it makes it said 4 waffles - not enough we need to double it, something went wrong so I had to double that (4x) the amount. While I was doing that Brett's diaper had come loose and he had the runs down his leg in his feety jammies. So I had to wash him up while trying to mix the enormous batch of waffles. A few other things went wrong and I had realized after Rollin got home from meetings that 4 waffles meant 16 waffles on a 4 waffle maker. I made juice that day (a gallon) put it on the table and I turned around and it poured all over. By that time I had had enough and said "I am going to the funny farm" and Becca said without skipping a beat "Can I go too?" So after that we became known as the funny farm!! Because we are always having a fun old time (NOT), but at least we have that story and many others the kids remember!!