Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Favorite Dad

He's my favorite Dad...

Because he is so funny.

Because he is so great at wrestling.

Because he expects them to do a great job.

Because he talks to them quietly and patiently when I've had it.

Because he is always willing to hit a few balls to them (even when he is tired after work).

Because he tries to spend time with each of them everyday.

Because he teaches them about the Gospel, and is a wonderful example to them.

Because he is a wonderful provider.

Because he is the best Dad that I could ever hope for, for them.

He woke up to his favorite cereal. Poured by himself.



After church, we gave him a homemade card (from Grace), a keychain (from Adam), and a framed Priesthood Line of Authority (from me). I am pretty proud of myself, because I stink at gift giving, and I thought of and researched his Line of Authority, and did it before Father's Day actually happened.


It's actually pretty neat. Adam (surprisingly) is completely captivated by it, and the fact that Mike got the Priesthood from Jesus, and keeps reading it over and over.

We let him take a long nap.

(Which is what he wanted most of all).

I made Cafe Rio pork barbacoa enchiladas for dinner and finally made the birthday cheesecake for him. Thanks to a helpful tip from my sister-in-law, Amanda, it didn't crack.

A first for me.

Happy Father's Day, Mike! We love you!


Grammy Suzzy said...

Mike, you are awesome, and we are all so thankful the Lord blessed Adam, Grace and Josh with such a wonderful daddy as you!

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing!