Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st Day of Nursery

Three weeks ago, Mike took Josh to nursery to "test the waters". They stayed for the first hour and played with toys, then went to go and nap in Elder's Quorum.

Josh didn't do well those three weeks.

He gave everyone the Stink Eye.

The entire time.

I have not yet managed to capture on my camera Josh's Stink Eye. But, it's bad. It's mean. It stops people in their tracks.

I'm not kidding.

He is well-known 'round these parts for his Stink Eye.

Needless to say, he didn't make any friends during those two weeks. I didn't think he would do well when he turned 18 months and it was time for him to be in there the entire time.

Today when I walked in, and put him down, he ran and got a ball. He was fine. He was happy. He cried a little towards the end, but did really well overall. Afterward, he ran up to me and happily gave me his necklace that he had made.

It was a very nice surprise.

Unfortunately, Mike didn't fare so well without his snacking-and-napping church buddy.

Hopefully, he will adjust soon to going to class.


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Grammy Suzzy said...

So GLAD it all worked out. And, that sweet precious baby came home from the hospital with that ol' stink eye...I have seen it, and I do believe it would make any terrorist re-think what they had planned, so I think a career at GITMO is in order for our sweet Joshua!! I am kinda scared about this weekend... Anyway, glad his nursery worked out, and here's hoping Mike adjusts. You know, Dad takes fishy crackers and raisins to Sacrament Meeting. When Mike gets to be older, maybe he can do the same.