Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have a distinct memory of the eve of Adam's 4th birthday.

He was having a rough night, and I sat with him in my lap rocking him, and thinking how 4 years went by so darn fast.

I consoled myself that I had 4 more years until he was 8. Which was forever away.

And until he was 8, he didn't seem that old.

So we rocked. And I felt better.


Now, my baby boy is 8.

I have no idea in the world how the last 4 years went by so quickly.

Because they weren't supposed to go by that fast.

8 seems so grown up. 8 is the age to get baptized. 8 is the age he starts Cub Scouts. 8 is the age where he spends a little more time away from me on Cub Scout outings and with friends.

8 has made me a little sad.

8 has also made me really happy. Because I'm so darn excited for him to go off on adventures with the Cub Scouts and his friends. I'm happy for him to have his first-ever friend party. I'm so excited for him to be baptized.

So, while this birthday is a little bittersweet, I'm happy.


Eight Things I Love About Adam:

1) He is a great friend. He is a peacemaker, is loyal, is friends with everyone, and tries to include everyone when he plays.

2) He has such a love of learning.

3) He is such a huge help to me. He gets diapers, helps clean, and takes out the trash without being asked (usually). He even chases bees out of the house when his Mom is too scared to do it.

4) He is a wonderful artist. He loves to draw and create.

5) He has a great imagination. He and Grace have a lot of fun playing "imagination" games together. He is always making up games for us to play or to entertain us when we are driving.

6) He knows so much about the Gospel. He has a strong testimony, and is so proud to share it and invite friends to church.

7) He is so brave. He is the official "cockroach killer" at school he told me (um, ew?). His teacher always asks him to get them. Not only is he brave about bugs, but he has no problem getting up in front of people and speaking, giving presentations, or performing comedy routines in talent shows.

He's pretty funny, too.

8) He still cuddles with me. He may wipe off kisses that I give him, but he gives the most wonderful hugs, and he cuddles next to me when I read to him. Love that.


Happy Birthday, Adam! You are my sunshine.


Danielle said...

Allison you are making me all teary eyed. I am so glad Adam had a good birthday. You are seriously so TALENTED and ARTISTIC I don't think you give yourself enough credit. You rock!

peachytiffers said...

Sweet post!