Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Josh!

Josh turned 2 today!

(I want to say, "I can't believe he is 2... it went by so fast." And I know I will, someday. But, man alive. This boy can make enough messes/get into enough trouble to make the days d-r-a-g. So. Lately, I've been feeling all of his two years.)

He woke up to balloons everywhere and was SO excited about it!

Mike had the day off of work, and so Josh got us all to himself while Adam and Grace were at school.

What better gift can you give to your third child than a day of attention, right?

We played at the park with him, picked up the kids, and then came home to presents, cake, and dinner (before Mike had to leave for Scouts).

I made a dog cake, because Josh is obsessed with all things dog right now.

It wasn't one of my best cakes, you might say.

(I say that like there have been some best cakes. But, really, we all saw this cake here, so let's not pretend I'm a professional).

However, he didn't think it looked like a pig or a rabbit, so it's all good.


After dinner and dessert, he opened presents.  He got bath toys, a car toy, ball, stuffed dog, and some money (I'll post soon on what he spent that on).  He made out pretty good and LOVED all of his presents!

It was a really fun day, and we love this 2-year-old of ours!

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