Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Days 4 & 5

Last night we watched The Santa Clause as a family, for our countdown activity (and I forgot to take a picture... must've had something to do with the state of my living room after a Sunday at home).

Sundays are messy days.


Today, the kids' had a half-day at school, so after they came home, we made cute pom-pom snowman ornaments, that are glued onto clothespins, to attach to the tree.

They turned out soooo cute!

I made something similar when I was in kindergarten (I think my brothers did, too), so I thought it would be fun to make it with them.

They LOVE hearing stories about my childhood, and it was fun to talk/make a craft together while Josh took a nap.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Yep, Allison, you all...except Nate...made cotton ball/clothespin snowmen in kindergarten or first grade. I wrap them each and then in a bunch, and put them on the top of the tree, all together. They are almost my absolute favorites...cuz you each made them for me!