Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 19

Tonight, we drove around and delivered our frozen cookie dough to our friends.

I thought it would be a wonderful family home evening, full of talk of giving and sharing with others.

Instead, Adam and Grace fought the entire time over who got to ring the doorbell/say "Merry Christmas."

Josh ended up finishing the deliveries.


We also made a few plates of baked cookies to give to our immediate neighbors.  We received a 'thank you' from one of them later, that said this:

"We really wanted to say thank you for the plate of cookies.  I was actually shocked by the friendly gesture.  It was unexpected, but also a reminder that there are still some good willed people in this world.  If there is anything I or my family can do for you guys, please do not hesitate to knock and ask."

It really made me think about how our actions affect others.  I was glad that we could be of a little service to our neighbors, and show them some love.

We had a good discussion about how a small kind gesture can mean so much, even just a smile, so it kind of made up for the not-so-stellar family night after all.

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