Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temple Nativity

Today was a crazy, pull-my-hair-out, fish-multiple-toys-outta-the-toilet, scrub-shampoo-off-the-couch kinda day.

Mike came home, and took one look at me, and told me to go to the temple.

Honestly, my recommend expired a month ago, and Mike keeps working late on the days of the stake interviews, so I haven't renewed it yet.

But, I did grab the Ensign, and went down there, thinking I could read and think.

It was soooo nice.  Really, really nice.

Something that I need to do much more often.

As I was leaving, I decided to walk around, and noticed this nativity.  The Las Vegas temple doesn't do the beautiful Christmas lights, like the Mesa Arizona temple does, but they have this sweet nativity, that I just love.

It was the most perfect way to finish up the Christmas season.

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