Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grammy Day 2011

We had our annual Grammy Day with my family today!

Grammy Day has been around since Adam was 6 months old.  We always have food that begins with the letter "G" and decorate gingerbread houses!  My cute mom works really hard at collecting and packaging candy all year so we can have a fun day!

In the past, we have done Grammy Day celebrating at night.  This year, we did it in the morning, giving the kids ALL DAY to work off their sugar high.  We had gingerbread waffles, gingerbread pancakes, grapes, goldfish, gummy bears (someone snuck that one in!), grape juice (and apple juice, too) for breakfast.  

Then we got down to decorating!

Nate and Jess assembled the houses for everyone:

Then Papa (my dad) helped Grace with her vision of candy all over the house:

I helped train Josh in the proper placement of gingerbread house candy:

(Next year, my mom has promised me that I get my own graham cracker house, so I will leave my kids' houses alone.)

All done:

They all turned out soooooo cute!  I love helping/decorating the houses!

Afterward, we went outside to play and burn off that candy!

Adam had pack meeting tonight, and received 3 belt loops.  It was so fun that it worked out so that family was in town for it!

They are leaving tomorrow, and we will miss them like crazy!  But, we are so glad for the fun that we had with them and the time we got to spend together!  Being with family just makes the holidays so special, and I'm grateful that we don't live too far away from family.

Thanks for coming up, braving the crazy Las Vegas Strip (and my living room carpet), and spending such a fun time with us, R* family!  We sure love you all!

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