Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scripture Reading 2012

I am terrible at remembering to floss my kids' teeth, folding laundry, and getting them to school on time.

However, we read scriptures every single night as a family, no matter what.

(So, they may have bad teeth, wrinkled clothes, and tardies a mile long.  They are spiritually fed at least, right?).


For the past few years, we have been following the scripture reading plan outlined in the 2008 Friend.  In it, you read certain verses from a different book a month; you basically hit all of the "stories" throughout the Book of Mormon.  The kids get to glue a stone for each book read, so it makes it fun for them, too.

We read 5 verses a night, and call it good.  It's been really good for our family, and has helped us develop a habit of daily study.

I saw a new version in the January 2011 Friend called "Book of Mormon Feast", and I am SO excited!

Adam actually noticed it and ran it to me, and asked if we could do it this year.

It goes week by week, and has verses and a corresponding picture to color in.  We begin on Sunday, and are excited about a new year of family scripture reading, and a new way to keep track of what we read!


Danielle said...

This is what I need. We are horrible at remembering. Thanks for the tip:>

Danielle said...

we're starting this today. Thanks so much for the idea!!