Sunday, December 25, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Day!

Christmas morning began at 4:00 in the morning.

Well, that's when Adam woke up, anyways.

I threatened him with his life if he woke up his brother, and told him to go back to bed and read Harry Potter until 7:00.

He continued to wake me up every 15 minutes, where I grumpily told him the same thing.

You could say that I'm not a morning person.

At 7:00, I finally gave in, and we woke Josh up.

You could say that he, too, is not a morning person.

We read I Believe in Santa Claus, said family prayer, and ran through the traditional Christmas wrapping covering the doorway.

They opened stockings, while Mike put breakfast in the oven.

After breakfast, we opened the presents from Santa.

Grace got a doll... that had the same nightgown on as she did.

She was a-m-a-z-e-d.

She also got a box of clothes for her doll.  She named her Hannah, and loves her (though you can't tell from the pictures).

Josh got a basketball hoop (though you can't tell from the picture of the wrapped box).

Adam got a letter from Santa in Santa's actual handwriting, and a key.

After searching around for where the key went to, he ventured outside and saw a bike, locked to our porch!  It was the bike he has always wanted: a Mongoose BMX that is green and black and silver.

Santa did good this year.

He loves it and has had so much fun riding around on it!

We came back in and opened a bonus gift from Santa (he usually only brings one present): new Christmas church clothes.  Including a matching Christmas dress for Hannah.

We went to church, and had a lovely Sacrament meeting.

Then came home and played, while Josh napped.

Grace calls this: The Naked Tree (with one leaf left on the branch)

Grace and Adam doing bike tricks

Then we opened a few more gifts.  Mike and I gave the kids one each, and then some from my grandma, Nano.

Josh got mega blocks from us, Grace got a unicorn pillow pet from us, and ADam got a stomp rocket from us.

Nano made Hannah some darling clothes, and she got a tea set!  Adam got Bionicles and Josh got trucks!

After the gifts were opened, we all snuggled up and watched Elf, while eating our traditional roast "beast" beef sandwiches and veggies.


We had such a wonderful Christmas!  I thought it was going to be crazy with trying to open gifts and go to church, and it made it soooo much better!  I loved being able to stop and focus on the Savior and to sing the beautiful songs.

I am so thankful for the Christmas season to remember the Savior and to teach my sweet children about Him.  I love when I catch them acting out the nativity with our sets or when they ask questions about Him.  It's so sweet.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and wish you all Merry Christmas, too!

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Danielle said...

It looks like you had so much fun;) love the pictures;)