Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello Expensive Day!

Adam and Grace outgrew their shoes approximately 2.5 seconds after we bought them in August.

Good grief, right?

And I even bought them a size bigger, thinking that we'd get a little extra time out of them.  I begged them to hold off until winter break, and then we would get some new ones.

(That sounds mean.  I mean, if they were really, really bad, I would've bought them new ones sooner.  But, they were just snug).

By winter break, though, they were pretty tight.

So, today being payday, we went and bought some new ones.

No, rainboots were not bought.  Though Grace always tries to convince me to buy her a pair.

Buying 2 pairs of quality shoes for kids is expensive enough.

Today, though, I happened to need a refill of this baby:

This is a Symbicort inhaler.  The only thing that remotely helps my asthma.

And it costs me $102 to refill it.

(I am thankful for insurance, though, because without insurance it would cost over $200).

It was an expensive day, for sure.


Paydays in my single days used to mean fun things like a new outfit or new makeup, or going an seeing a movie.

Not anymore.

But, I will take being a grown-up and being a mom to these three cuties, over new clothes, anyday.

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