Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 6

Tonight, we headed to Ethel M's to see the cactus garden all adorned with thousands of lights, and a tour/sample of chocolate.

I had the super-smart idea this year to buy a large pack of coffee cups/lids at Smart & Final for cheap.  I mix a big pot of hot cocoa until it's insanely hot, put it into the cups, add lids, and throw them in a cup holder.  When we got to Ethel M's they were the perfect temperature, so they got a little treat to drink while we walked around and it kept their hands warm.

Those cups have come in handy a ton already, and I know that we will be using them throughout the winter!

Anyways, my super-smart ideas aside, we had a great time.  The lights were beautiful, the music was fun, the chocolate was yummy, and we got to watch the workers make peanut brittle, which the kids LOVED!

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