Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started bright and early this morning.

I woke the kids up early.

I prepped dinner.

Then we all cleaned...

...and cleaned...

...and cleaned.

When the house was clean enough for my approval (and surely Santa's, too), we did a 250-piece puzzle together.

Then it was noon and we ate lunch.


Longest.  Day.  Ever.

Finally, Mike got off of work at 2:30.  D.I. normally closes at 3:00 on Christmas Eve, but it was so slow that they closed it even earlier than that today.  Sweet!

We went and played at the park, and then came home and put dinner in the oven.

We had lasagna, pretzel strawberry jello salad, green salad, garlic bread, and sparkling cider.  It was really yummy!  I want to make it our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  I had meant all year to have a really nice dinner on Christmas Eve by candlelight, and totally forgot the candles.  I'm hoping that by writing it here, I will see it and remember next year. ;)

After our elegant dinner (and by "elegant" , I mean we used nice paper plates and clear plastic cups), we started our annual Christmas Eve party!

We played Christmas BINGO:

We played "Santa Says" (just like "Simon Says"... with a Santa hat):

We played "Catch the Doughnut on a String" (or whatever it's called):

We played "Christmas Action Cards"...

... where Adam amazed us with his angel flying skills....

... and I somersaulted into the Christmas tree while 'rolling like an ornament'.

Good times.

After all of the games were done, and I had laughed so hard that my stomach hurt, we opened the Christmas Eve pajamas.

Then the kids all took baths.

Because church is tomorrow (and my kids all stink).

After they were all clean and shiny and dressed, we hung up the reindeer's ice wreath, that we had made earlier this month.

We got all serious then (well, as serious as 3 kids who are hyper and excited can be), and read Luke 2, and acted out the nativity.

Grace was Mary, Adam was Joseph.

Josh was a cow...

... who ate the manger hay.

Luckily, our baby Jesus didn't mind sharing.

We set out some treats for Santa, and read "The Night Before Christmas"...

... and checked out where Santa was one last time.

Hours later, the kids finally fell asleep, and Santa came and did his magic:

I love every Christmas Eve more than the last!  I love our fun little traditions and that each Christmas Eve just gets more magical and more fun!

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Danielle said...

Allison you did a somersault? That is awesome. Love everything you did! so fun!!