Saturday, December 17, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17

We went up to play in the snow today!

Mt. Charleston is only about 45 minutes from our house, and was covered in snow!  I've been wanting to take the kids to play in it for years, and am soooo glad that we finally got to go!

I asked around for some snow clothes, thinking that living in Las Vegas no one would have them.  I was wrong.  My sweet friends totally bailed me out, and with them and a jacket from my mom, they were completely warm!

Ethan and Cameo came with us, and bought a sled (thanks so much, guys!), and we all had fun going down in it!

At one point, Josh's feet got soaked through, he began screaming, so I took him to the car for some hot chocolate (thermos provided by another friend, thank you!) and lunch.

While I was gone, Adam took off his jacket, and after a few dives in the snow, soaked his shirt through.  My sweet sister-in-law gave him her sweatshirt to wear; while he was changing, Mike snapped this definitely-going-to-be-enlarged-and-shown-to-all-future-girlfriends photo:


Just thinking about that photo makes me laugh.

Grace has been talking about making a snowman for forever.  Ethan helped her gather rocks at home, and then helped her build the perfect snowman while we were there!

Isn't it cute?

I love his pine needle hair.

We ate a picnic lunch and hot cocoa afterward, before heading back to put Josh down for a nap.

It was SO much fun!

I'm so glad we got to go, and that Ethan and Cameo came with us!

Thanks so much to all of my friends for the clothes/boots/thermos and Ethan and Cameo for making it such a fun trip!

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