Friday, October 1, 2010

Candy Countdown to Halloween

I'm not sure what kind of mom gives her children even more candy during the candy-crazy month of October... super fun?

Super bad?

Either way, I saw these fun candy countdowns here, and I had everything to make them (except the cookie sheets, which I found at the dollar store). So, I made one for Adam and one for Grace.

They turned out pretty cute and the kids LOVE them!

What better way to start out the month right?



Jason and Danielle said...

Oh my heck you are so creative! It kills me! These are so cute and hey kids always need a little more candy right:> What awesome ideas you have. so inspiring:> I think maybe I will try this one at Christmas time, since I for some reason lack on Halloween crafting supplies. Weird, but I seriously have very little, but now Christmas that I have a plethora of.

the W* family said...

I was thinking about Christmas, too! It would be fun with some Christmas candy!