Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cooking with Josh

I am SUCH a huge fan of cooking with my kids.

There is just so many things to be learned in the kitchen: science, math, hard work, cleaning, measuring, and healthy eating.

And, of course, cooking.

Learning to cook is an invaluable skill. ;)

The things I love the most are doing something fun with my kiddos, the sense of accomplishment and pride they have when they make a dish and sample it, AND the fact that my picky eaters are so much more likely to eat and enjoy it if they made it.

I LOVE cooking with my kids. So many good things about it.

The other night I was making a batch of my freezer baked chimis for the week, when Josh starting whining.

I put him up on the counter and we had our very first cooking lesson.

Put the cheese in...

... take the cheese out (and sample it for freshness).

Deciding if it needed more cheese. He also added an ingredient to the chimis: plastic baggie. Mmmm!

He was so happy the entire time and sat still as we worked. The cutest thing was after watching me stir for a while, he took the spoon and tried to do it, too.

I love cooking with my kiddos, and I'm so happy that with Josh I get one more to cook with!


Jason and Danielle said...

So cute. Libby use to love sitting on the counter to help me when she was a baby. Infact she still does

Kathy said...

Love it....you make me laugh! (In a good way)