Friday, October 8, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Week 1

Here's our first week of Halloween pictures (minus the skeleton scavenger hunt... forgot to take pics of that).

We're having so much fun getting ready for Halloween!

Day 1: Doorbell-ditched Halloween Treats

Day 2: Made Ghostly Milk Jugs

Can you spot Mario? Courtesy of Adam.

Day 3: Made Halloween Hang-Ups

Day 4: Made (and ate) Caramel Apples

She's a little mad that I wouldn't let her eat them until they had cooled. How mean of me, right?

Day 6: Had Mummy Mini-Pizzas for Dinner

Day 7: Decorated Mini Pumpkins

Day 7: Some of Us (okay ONE of us) Ate Our Mini Pumpkin Instead of Decorating It


Grammy Suzzy said...

Wow..the Wilkins house must look so awesome! and those look to be such yummy treats! (I agree,'s so hard to wait for things to cool!) and that Josh...I was walking through Albertsons yesterday and remembered taking sweet little Adam there and getting him a little pumpkin of his own...7 years ago! He loved riding in the cart and seeing the balloons and fall colors! Looks like you guys are off to a great start!!!

Jason and Danielle said...

Those look like so much fun!I need to post our pictures. We had so much fun last night. Thank you guys so much for coming.

Kathy said...

Fun. Seeing your milk jug ghosts makes me wish I had not thrown my jugs away...Caleb and I never got around to making them. Sad.