Thursday, October 21, 2010


We came home from school to SUCH a fun surprise today!

We had been boo-ed a fun, orange bucket.

When we looked in it, we were so happy to see that it was filled with treats and Halloween crafts!

It had stuff to make Halloween sock puppets, a candy corn mosaic, a cute candy dish, and treats.

I LOVE the idea of doorbell-ditching a fun craft! I think I'm going to steal if for around Christmas... everyone always gets so many goodies, this would be perfect!

The kids were SO excited to find it on our porch! Thanks so much to our secret friends. ;)

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Jason and Danielle said...

Looks like Adam and grace enjoyed the treats. We had so much visiting on Saturday. Keagan can't wait to play with Adam again. He says he can't wait to read goosebumps books because Adam reads them;)