Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Red, White and Blue All Over?

Today I was all caught up on the laundry. And the dishes. I had gotten Josh down for a nap. Grace was playing quietly in her room.

So, I thought I'd reward myself and catch up on a craft that I had begun last May. For the Fourth of July.

I'm just thinking ahead for next year, really.

I put the first coat of paint on, then left it to dry while I went and took a shower. Taking a shower made me think that I needed to scrub the tub. Scrubbing the tub made me think that I needed to organize the cleaners under the sink. Organizing under the sink, and filling up a trash bag with empty/never used cleaners, made me think that I needed to clean out my trash can.

So, in the midst of my If You Give a Mouse a Cookie-style-cleaning, I forgot about my craft.

When I went out to the kitchen later, Grace had surprised me by clearing off the table and washing it. She was so proud! She had put several things under the table, though, while clearing it. In the back of my mind I knew that this wasn't good, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly why.

Until a few minutes later when Josh started crawling around under the table. In the newspaper covered with paint.

He (and my carpets) were very patriotic-looking yesterday.


Amanda said...

Did you get it out of your carpets? I've heard that vodka is supposed to get paint out of carpet.

Kathy said...

Trying to be like the Ericksons?

Jason and Danielle said...

oh my goodness is all I can say. Go Grace for being helpful and giving everyone else a laugh at your expense. I hoe you were able to get the paint out of the rug :>