Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Party #1

My cute sister works at Party City. She gets good deals on the Halloween costumes, and passes them onto my kiddos, and then I put them in the dress-up box.

Aren't my kids lucky?

I'm feeling lucky, too, because I had NOT had time to get Grace's and Josh's Halloween costumes made, and we were invited to a little Halloween party. But, because we had been gifted so many fun costumes, Grace had her pick.

She went with cheerleader.

Adam wanted to be a Ninja, and we found his costume at D.I. for $5... sweet!

And Josh wasn't in the mood for dressing up in the dress-up clothes we had. So, he went with the Hawaiian look. Just a little nod to his aunt and uncle who are living in Hawaii now. ;)

We had a really fun time trying out our costumes at our first Halloween party of the month!


Kristi said...

His shirt is even our favorite colors! He must be really trying to suck up to us, so we'll invite him to come stay with us.

Anonymous said...

hey its kayty...soooo u'll be getting a few more costumes LOL including a 29 piece high school musical cheerleader LOL and obi wan kenobi lol