Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grace's First Book!

Grace read her first book yesterday!

It was a BOB book called "Mac."

(I love BOB books. I swear by them).

She was so stinkin' proud of herself, and I don't blame her!

She has been wanting to read for FOREVER and has worked so hard at learning her letter sounds! I love seeing the sense of accomplishment my kids have when they work hard for something and attain it! It's one of the most rewarding parts of motherhood, I think.


Kristi said...

But can she throw a dart??? :)

Way to go Grace! That is fantastic!

Grammy Suzzy said...

Hooray for you, Grace!!! I hope you can read a book to me when I see you soon!

Jason and Danielle said...

Go Gracie!! That is do neat! Keagan has been working on those books too. Now libbys wants to try. Thanks for telling me about them

Kathy said...

Nice job, Gracie! Reading is so much fun!