Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adam's Milk

Adam loves, loves, loves milk.

He would drink it all day every day if he could.

However, my budget does NOT allow for him to drink milk around the clock, and I was so sick of fighting him on it.

I figured out that 2 cups of milk a day (plus some extra for cereal in the mornings) was equal to about a gallon a week. So, about two months ago we started buying him his own jug of milk. We label it with his name, and he drinks it as he pleases.

The first few weeks his gallon was gone in 2-3 days, and he went without the rest of the week. It's amazing how quickly that changed and how he started portioning it after going a few days with dry cereal.

We used to buy 4 gallons of milk a week, now we only need to buy 2 (well, until Josh turns a year old that is... then that will change).

I'm happy that I don't have to tell him to stop sneaking milk, he's happy that he can drink it whenever he wants.


Well, except for the fact that he took, "do whatever you want to with your milk" to mean "go ahead and drink straight from the jug."

So, if he keeps it up, it's notsomuch a win-situation for future roommates and his wife.


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Kathy said...

Good plan for everyone. Smart mom!