Monday, October 11, 2010

Cranky Pants

Cranky Baby Before

For the past 3 weeks or so ago, Josh has been SO cranky.

He went from a mama's boy who a boy who didn't want to be without his mama AT ALL. He would only sleep for snatches in my bed (never in his crib), would scream most days if I put him down, wouldn't take naps, etc.

I was seriously going crazy. I wasn't able to get any work done and wasn't getting much sleep, and I had tried a lot of things, but nothing was working.

I was with some friends the other day, and Josh was fussing and had thrown his head back. My friend looked at him and said, "Ouch! He's getting in 6 teeth!"

Sure enough, he was. All 6 top teeth are coming in at once.

I had figured he was teething, but didn't realize it was THAT bad!

I don't like giving my kiddos too much medicine, but I knew that if I was having that much tooth pain, I'd want some drugs, y'know?

So, I've been giving him Tylenol and lots of cold teething rings.

And I got my happy baby back!

He even slept in his crib for 4 hours straight last night!


Happy Baby After


Danyel said...

I hear that the core of pineapple is a natral theathing pain realever there is also a brand Hilands or something like that. It is all natral. Keep in mind that not all natral solutions work with all kids. Thought you might want to give it a try.

Grammy Suzzy said...

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do! Poor sweet Joshy...with those sweet teary eyes looking up at you, I know you couldn't deny him. So glad you BOTH are getting more rest!

Kathy said...

Even cranky, he is still one cute baby! So glad you are both having better days!

Kathy said...
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