Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jars + Tissue Paper

Last Saturday I watched the Relief Society broadcast at home late at night, while I made these:

I got the idea from here. I just used some jars I got at D.I., orange tissue paper, black construction paper, green paint, Mod Podge, and white Christmas lights that I had. I love how they turned out!

The next day, the kids were uber-jealous of my jars, and were very upset that they hadn't been included.

So, I dug through my gift wrap box and found this cute candy corn tissue paper and let them make Halloween night lights with 2 smaller mason jars.

We had fun making them together, and I think that they turned out pretty cute.


Jason and Danielle said...

They are adorable! I love them!!

Kathy said...

I like them all...what fun you have. I need to get my decorations up. At the rate I am going it will be Thanksgiving and I won't have Halloween up....