Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Week 3

Can't believe it's almost Halloween! Eek! So. Excited!

Day 15: Glowing Ghosts

Day 16: Made Halloween Costumes

Day 17: Decorated Halloween Cupcakes

Day 18: Visit Pumpkin Patch

The picture got deleted, unfortunately, of our lovely pumpkin patch visit. Which occurred at our local grocery store. ;)

Day 19: Spooky Pancakes (with scrambled egg stems)

Day 20: Played "Don't Eat Frank"

This picture got deleted, too. Grandma W* sent it for us and we had a lot of fun playing it! Thanks!

Day 21: Looked at Halloween Decorations

Which is more scary? The decorations? Or Mike in this picture? :)

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