Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Months

(It's actually about 10 1/2 months... yeesh!)

I love the age from about 10 months to 3 years... toddlers are just so stinkin' cute and fun!

Not that my 4 year old and 7 year old aren't fun, too.

They are.

But, I just LOVE the toddler-stage!

Josh at 10 months:

- He LOVES meat! I gave him some cut-up meatball for the first time the other day and he LOVED it! I've never seem him eat anything like that. So, I tried chicken the next day. Loved it too! It's so fun... he's my first that has really cared for it. Grace still really won't eat meat. It's fun to see him get excited about things.

- Still loves grilled cheese, cheese crisps, and pasta with butter, too. Which is good because I've got to chunk him up a little more before his 12 month appointment. ;)

- Not to make this all about food, but he loves pickles. And oranges, too. So cute!

- The nursing/2 bottles a day thing is still working. I'm really happy about that. I think we might make it to a year with nursing! Yay!

- He loves dumping anything and everything out... he can absolutely destroy a folded basket of laundry in seconds if I turn my back at all.

- He can stand. Pretty much until he realizes he's doing it. Then he sits down pretty quick.

- He is SO wiggly. He can wiggle out of the shopping cart no matter how tight the belt is, stroller, etc. He loves being on the go and he is SO fast at crawling!

- He and Grace are becoming really close. Right before she turned 4, she mellowed out and became SO much better with him. He adores her now, and loves to play with her. I love hearing him giggle while he watches her antics.

10 months never went so fast!

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