Friday, December 3, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Last night after we had our fill of latkes and dreidel, we decorated our tree!

C'etait tres multi-cultural!

I love, love, love Christmas and all of the decorations! I'm a day-after-Thanksgiving Christmas decorator normally, but we hadn't had time since being out of town. Well, I put our tree up day after we got back, but we didn't trim it up until yesterday.

I love our Christmas ornaments! Each has a story behind it or a special person who gave it to us. The kids love to hear about the ornaments from our first Christmas tree, the ornaments I have from my childhood, the ornaments my kiddos have made for me, the ones from our Jesse tree exchange, and all of their ornaments! It's SO fun to talk and laugh as we decorate.

Adam and Grace have been begging to try eggnong (gag!) so I got a small bottle for them at the grocery store to drink while they decorated.

They loved it.


Lucky for them, I still love them.

After we were all done, we turned the lights off and we looked at it, and talked about how great it looked.

And then Josh did his best to undo our hard work.

He's good at that.

Lucky for him, I still love him, too.

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Kristi said...

Eggnog is DELICIOUS!