Monday, December 6, 2010

Third Project: The Wild West

Adam's third project for this school year was to make a board or card game based on the Wild West.

He chose to focus on "The Oregon Trail." After his research, we talked about a few game possibilities. He decided to do a game kind of like Cranium. We made cards with questions to answer, or actions to perform: hum-a-song, drawing a picture, and acting out the Oregon Trail word. The player had to perform the action and their team had to guess.

His class took two days this week to play the games. Normally, they play them in groups of 4 and rotate, but with Adam's they played as a class. Everyone loved it! They loved it so much that they played it a few times that week. Adam was so proud!

I'm so proud of the hard work and research he puts into the projects, and how much they've helped him to learn and grow.

As much as I enjoy them, I am THRILLED that in lieu of a December project, they will be learning about holiday celebrations around the world and doing mini-projects in school. Sweet!

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