Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Josh!

I had big plans for Josh's first birthday.

The colors were going to be blue and green. He was going to have a 2-tiered cake (the top tier being his), with homemade fondant blue and green polka dots. I was going to string a banner across with each of his "month" pictures.

It was going to be darling.

I needed something to keep me going night after night of nursing him. Planning his first birthday (and the official weaning of nursing) kept me going. ;)

And then life happened. He got croup. I spent the day giving breathing treatments every 3 hours to an exhausted baby who was having a hard time breathing. Mike had to work really late. Adam had lots of homework and a project to work on, which required my assistance.

The poor thing had no decorations, no banner, and I squeaked out some boring cupcakes last minute. No fun meals (he wasn't in an eating kind of mood) and no special outings. We didn't celebrate until Mike got home. At 8:45pm.

I SO didn't want to treat my third different than my first, but life got too crazy.

We still had fun celebrating the first year of my sweet Josh's life. SO grateful for him every. single. day.

Josh loves food. He doesn't like to wait for food. He screams during our dinner prayer every night. And he screamed through the birthday song.

And, yes, the poor thing didn't even get a blue candle. Pink was all we had.

Eating this cupcake was THE happiest he had been all day. Though he doesn't look happy. He's just afraid I'm going to take away his cupcake. They were so delish! Recipe for cake/frosting here.

This was the best picture I got of him and his gifts. He was SO tired and not in the mood! We opened them quickly, and then put him to bed.

The next day, I grabbed a few pictures of him playing with his toys. He LOVES them! Thanks to everyone for being so generous!

He got a fun building block set from Grandma and Grandpa W*:

A dinosaur bowling set from us:

A ride-on car and a race track from Grammy and Papa:

The outfit he is wearing is from Ethan and Cameo. He also got a soccer ball from Doran and Danyel, a cute stuffed animal from Kayty, money from Nano and and an animal and money from Great-Granny.

It may not have turned out anything like I had planned or wanted. But, that's okay. We were SO happy to have him with us on his birthday that cute cakes and fun banners didn't really matter.

We'll make up for it next year.

At the very least, he won't have pink candles.

Adam has made me promise.


Happy 1st Birthday, Josh!

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Amanda said...

I'm only saying this to help you feel better about not treating your third as well as your first.

I used leftover birthday cake from Nathan's birthday for Kade's FIRST birthday. And their birthdays are 9 days apart!

I'm going to go accept my belated mother-of-the-year award now.