Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grammy Day '10

My parents (and brother, Nathan) came up to Las Vegas for our annual Grammy Day!

We were so excited for them to come!

They got here and un-loaded their sleigh with Christmas gifts from our family in Phoenix. Each year we have a name drawing in our family, and Nathan drew Grace's name. He was too excited about his gift, so she opened his gift to her then.

It was this super-fun house! She LOVES it and has spent the night in it for several nights. Too fun! No wonder she calls Nathan her "very best buddy."

We had our traditional Grammy Day dinner: goulash, goldfish, gummy bears, and grape juice. And then I figured out why my kiddos love their Grammy so much: she gives them gummy bears for dinner. Hello! ;)

That night we went to our ward's Bishopric party and my parents stayed with the kids. We had planned on being gone just for a bit, but my mom texted us that everything was going fine at home, so we stayed.

For a few hours.

It has been a few years since our last date, and will probably be a few years until the next one, so we took advantage of the situation. What can I say? ;)

They had fun while we were gone playing video games and watching movies. Grace and Josh helped my mom set up the candy for the next day, and my mom washed my dishes. And the next day we folded laundry together. Hello best mom ever! Thanks, Mom!

The next morning we woke up, ate some breakfast, and then broke ground on our gingerbread houses!

Mike had to work, so my mom helped Adam and Grace with theirs, and I helped Josh.

By helped I mean I did the entire thing and kept feeding him chocolate so that he wouldn't destroy my masterpiece.

I LOVE this tradition! It's so much fun to talk and laugh together as we decorate.

Our finished houses:

After we decorated, we cleaned up and hung out.

Nathan and Morgan decided to teach Adam the fine art of wrestling while they were there.

They left that afternoon, and played Santa once again with our gifts for our Phoenix family.

They also took my brother, Morgan, home with them who stayed with us for a few days on his trek back home to Phoenix.

He is a really fun uncle. He brought Adam his first slingshot and Grace a set of walkie-talkies. Plus, he's just really fun, and they loved having him here. They were so bummed that Grammy and Papa stole him away!

It was so fun to see some of our family before Christmas and to celebrate Grammy Day with them! Can't wait until next year!

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