Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Whenever we visit Phoenix, we stay with Mike's parents. My mother-in-law is so wonderful and usually makes us a really nice breakfast when we stay.

And it's great, really, but then I have to hear for the next 6 months "Mommy, how come you never make us French toast for breakfast like Grandma? How come it's always for dinner?"

I know, right? They are lucky that they GET breakfast.


I was feeling like being a nice person today, though, so I made a "real" breakfast. With "real" Arizona fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Mike and the kids juiced the oranges. Hey, I'm not Superman.

I just wanted to post some proof that they got French toast for breakfast at least once during their childhoods.

Just in case the therapist asks someday.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Hey's not your fault... Bad Genes! I don't remember cooking breakfast very often when you were young. And I'm not that sorry either.

Amanda said...

There you go again...making all of us "cereal only" moms look bad.

kedwards said...

Hey don't feel bad. It was a special treat when she made breakfast for us growing up. It made the time that she did special and fun.