Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Know My Savior Lives

It has been such a great year in Primary! I have loved being with the children every Sunday and I LOVE this year's theme: I Know My Savior Lives. It's been so great being able to teach the children about our Savior and watching their testimonies grow. I love each of them so much!

When our Primary president told me in October that she was moving at the beginning of November, I was so bummed. I sincerely adore these kids in our Primary! I was going to go beg the new presidency to make me a teacher or something, because NOT being able to be with the Primary children each Sunday made me feel sad. Instead they made me president.

It still kind of freaks me out.


Before our Primary president moved, we had planned on a big activity, kind of summing up everything we had learned this year about Jesus Christ. We planned and bought the materials for some ornaments to give the children as gifts at the end of the activity.

She moved, and I didn't want to waste the money, so my new presidency and I put these together:

Aren't they sweet? The four charms represent the four parts of the Savior's life that we have talked about this year (birth, ministry, Atonement and resurrection). I can't take credit, really, because the clay figurines were done by our prior president, but I made the glass tiles, and we all painted and put them together.

I love, love, love how they turned out! Instead of an activity, we did a special sharing time and handed them out then. I hope that when the children look at them, they can remember how much the Savior loves each of them and that they have a testimony that He lives. It was a wonderful Sunday and a perfect way to get ready for Christmas and a brand-new year in Primary!

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